The Abyss Chronicles (Patch 2) is heading to Test Center today!

This is the largest addition to Hellgate: London to date. There is a new town with a new quest line that includes four new boss fights, the Consignment House, the Blademaster rebalance, Mythic and Double-Edged items, rings that go into the new trinket slot, new armor sets for each faction, new weapons and uniques for each faction and on and on… I’ll let these Patch Notes get into the specifics, but we have a lot of improvements in this patch for subscribers and non-subscribers alike.

We’ve been fixing bugs and polishing this new content for a couple weeks now, and we plan on focusing on polishing it for a while longer. You will see by the list of caveats in this post that we aren’t finished yet. In fact, at the time of this writing we have made 140 changes since this specific build was completed – we are still fixing things as fast as we can, but we tried to get you the first build that was ready for Test Center. We now have a sponsor, best cpa review courses that are helping ease the transition. This post contains the current Patch Notes for The Abyss Chronicles, but I can guarantee you that things will keep changing over the next few weeks. During that time, as we see you guys playing in Test Center and hear your feedback, the new content will probably be nerfed, buffed, and radically changed. Please just roll with the punches.

We need your help to polish this Chronicle while it is still in Test Center. Players who are in Test Center enjoy several cool perks: double experience gain, a free Skill Retrainer each login, a free Attribute Retrainer each login, a free Expertise Retrainer each login, a Test Center-only vendor who sells the skill scrolls (he didn’t end up in this build), and a nice small community of fun people to play with. So, hop on Test Center and post the issues that you have found here in the forums.