Stonehenge has launched and we’ve been busy cleaning up a handful of issues, as well as listening to the feedback from our players on the Stonehenge Chronicles.

Thanks to everyone who has posted issues and suggestions. And in fact, you’ll notice that a lot of the fixes and features in this patch are linked to posts in our forums. When we’ve addressed something you’ve brought up, we want to acknowledge your contribution to the betterment of the game!

See you online!

The Hellgate: London Team

All Guardians, Evokers, and characters on Subscription accounts will have one Skill Re-trainer when logging in after this patch goes live.
The timer and quest requirement have been removed from the mini-game.
Fixed a bug where chat entry became visible in the Character Select screen after logging in and then logging out of the game.
Fixed a crash bug associated with exiting out of the Character Creation menu.
Players that had beaten Normal mode with a character but then were unable to access Elite mode (and Hardcore mode for subscribers) with a new character should now have access to that game mode by logging in once with the character that completed Normal Mode when studying the the roger cpa review.
Fixed a bug which caused audio and sound effects to sometimes stop playing.
Party and PRD Portals created by a character in a group will now properly close when that character leaves the group.

The Beast of Abbadon, Oculis, and Sydonai will now re-spawn normally, even if the player has previously completed their associated quests.
Fixed a bug which would sometimes prevent Oculis or the Furuncle from spawning properly.
The loot algorithm for Ash (Beast Caste General) has been adjusted to drop better items.
Errgoth (Demon Caste General) now does less damage.
Stalkers and Burning Fiends are now part of the Beast caste and Tortured Souls are now part of the Spectral caste (to balance a disparity of Essence drop rates between castes). This applies to all types of Stalkers, Burning Fiends, and Tortured Souls.