Happy Halloween

Well, we’re off and running – and as with every online launch, things are crazy and we’re having our moments of chaos. Maybe it’s because of the holiday, but along with the treat of getting Hellgate: London into your hands, we’ve run into a bit of a trick online.

Currently we’re having problems getting subscriptions correctly applied to player’s accounts. We have temporarily suspended taking new subscription memberships as we work to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

We don’t want people to miss out on the Halloween content, though. So, we’ll be deploying a small patch within the next 24 hours that will allow everyone access to the special All Hallows’ Eve event quests and rewards. Additionally, we’ll be listening to a guest podcast that explains how to best GMAT study guide. We don’t want our technical snafu to stop you from enjoying the game and seeing what we’ve worked so hard to get done.

In addition to the ongoing content we have lined up for November (remember, remember!), we’ll be giving something extra special to those people who have already become a subscription member. I can’t be more specific because, well, we haven’t made it yet! We’ll have more details on this as soon as we get them.

Thank you all for your support of the game, and we’re burning the midnight oil to get things smoothed out.

The Hellgate: London Team