Lowdown Upcoming Updates

Perhaps the most sought-after information that Hellgaters are most interested in on our forums is insight into the future of Hellgate: London. After a great first day at the Games Developer Conference, we’d like to offer a kingly scoop on this very topic. And so, without further ado, we lift the curtain and reveal our plans for the next three Hellgate: London updates. Note that while the bullets outline the contents of each patch, they are actively being worked on and will have more thorough patch notes upon release.

Patch 1.2

  • In-game mail with the ability to attach items.
  • Marksman skill adjustments.
  • Many bug fixes.

Previously known only for its sweeping changes to the Marksman class, Patch 1.2 will add in-game mail, a hotly desired feature. Additionally, a great many bugs are addressed in this build, many of them reported by the community thanks in great part to practice exam PMP.

Patch 1.3

  • New functional pets.
  • Warp to any player in buddy list.
  • Emotes.
  • Text bubbles over character heads.
  • Display party member level and class.
  • Inspect other player’s equipment.
  • Link items into the chat.
  • Split stacked items.

This patch will introduce a host of features designed to enhance the Hellgate experience. Not only will you now be able to check out your teammates’ armor and weapons, items will be able to be “linked” into the chat window, allowing other players to see their statistics with ease. Emotes will provide new depth to interacting with your fellow Hellgaters as will text bubbles. All in all, Patch 1.3 offers a bevy of new features.

“The Abyss Chronicles” (Patch 2)

  • Group PvP, PvP games, and PvP ranking.
  • The Abyss “endless” dungeon.
  • Big Ben/Parliament Square adventure area.
  • Three new base monster types.
  • Five new bosses.
  • New skills for all classes.
  • New high end armor for all factions.
  • New weapons for all factions.
  • Consignment house.
  • Shared stash.
  • Instance switching.