Patch 0 5 tomorrow

Howdy folks! Stonehenge has been out for a few weeks now, and we’ve received lots of great feedback from all of you. We’re definitely working to include more of what you liked into our upcoming update, changing stuff you didn’t love, and adding completely new things as well. As for any announcements regarding the next update… stay tuned.
In other HGL news, Brennan has made a fun little video to help some of you newcomers to the game. In the video, Bmax gives some tips and strategies on using the Guardian class up to level 10. We know there are a lot of you veterans out there who know this stuff already, but we get lots of questions from new players, so hopefully this will be really useful to them. Check it out on my YouTube channel below brought to you by cpa exam study guide. It should also be showing up on the front page movie player later today for easier access, as will a higher-res version for download.
Expect a new one sometime next week where we’ll look at the Blademaster class up to level 10. Also, if there are specific video tutorials you’d like to see, just let us know!