Single Player Beta Patch Released

Hellgaters fond of Hellgate: London’s offline mode have long-awaited the release of this hefty update. Single Player Patch 1.2 brings the Single Player client up to date with Multiplayer Patch 1.2. It contains all of the fixes, tweaks, and rebalances of Patch 0.7, Patch 1.0, Patch 1.1, Patch 1.1b, and Patch 1.2.

A build of this patch is now available for voluntary beta testing. Please be sure to make copies of all Hellgate: London Single Player save files before installing this patch.

Here’s more information on the patch:


Based on the number and depth of balance changes to skills in this update, certain characters will be provided a “respec token” that allows them to reassign their skill points. This token is automatically placed in the character’s inventory and can be used at any time.

  • The timer and quest requirement have been removed from the mini-game.
  • Fixed a bug where chat entry became visible in the Character Select screen after logging in and then logging out of the game.
  • Fixed a crash bug associated with exiting out of the Character Creation menu.
  • Players now only need to make a Normal Mode character to be able to make an Elite Mode character.
  • Fixed a bug which caused audio and sound effects to sometimes stop playing.
  • Adjusted difficulty of the Nightmare endgame. Decreased the ramp of the damage penalty that players face against monsters higher than their level.
  • Fields from different sources can now stack. Please note that the graphics from new fields still override those of previous fields. We’re working with take CFA Mock Exams to fix this.
  • Players must now wait 5 seconds before they can re-enter a Hellrift.
  • Fixed a bug which caused weapons to disappear when swapping weapon sets in the middle of performing certain skills.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the /played command to display the incorrect amount of time played.
  • If a player dies during (or just before) a cut-scene begins playing or the game begins loading, the re-spawn options menu will come up after the cut-scene or loading screen is completed.
  • Vendor inventories in Nightmare difficulty should now be stocked with Nightmare-level items.
  • The Shock effect now deals damage immediately when it’s applied.
  • Several character and monster animations have been improved.
  • Fixed known Blueprint exploits.
  • Fixed a bug which sometimes caused files to require unnecessary patching.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the mini-game to become stuck if the player zoned to town or quit the game immediately after completing a round of the mini-game.

Memory Usage

  • Memory manager rewritten for better performance and stability.
  • Fixed a UI-related memory leak.
  • Fixed a clothing and armor texture-related memory issues

User Interface/Controls

  • Reorganized the De-modificator, Augmentrex, and Nanoforge interfaces to appear in the left-hand panel area.
  • Added an auto-transparency feature to the chat window.
  • Players can skip all logo splash-screens with a single click.
  • The Mini Map is now set to the top right of the screen with character state icons appearing below.
  • The Chat Window is now scalable. To adjust the size of the chat window, hold down the ALT key. There is a small tab in the upper right hand corner of the chat interface that can be used to resize the window.
  • Skill Retrainers now have a confirmation dialogue to help players from accidentally using them.
  • Some UI panels have been improved.
  • Fixed two bugs which caused the automap fog of war to be reset either when using a PRD or in levels with hellrifts.
  • Shift-activation should now work for skills granted by items.
  • The [Shift], [Ctrl], and [Alt] keys are now re-mappable, and may be set as key-modifiers.